Submit your questions!

Here it is baseball fans! It’s your chance to ask those baseball questions that you’ve always wanted to know the answers to. Ever wondered why the manager decided to bunt or steal in a certain situation or wanted to ask a player what it’s like to hit a towering home run? Submit your questions for our manager Tom Runnells, any of our players or members of the Sky Sox front office and we’ll do our best to get you the answer and post them here. E-mail questions by clicking here.

One thought on “Submit your questions!

  1. Welcome to I’m honored I could be your first comment. Don here aka the Rockpile Ranter. I’ve been to many Sky Sox games since 1994 but none in the last couple of years. I’ll make about 40 Rockies games this year and plan to make several trips to the Springs this spring/summer to watch some AAA ball. I’ll be checking your blog regularly, good luck and have fun with this,..we do…D

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