Q&A with Sky Sox Manager Glenallen Hill

In 2013, Glenallen Hill became the 14th manager in Sky Sox history, which was also his full season skippering a professional baseball team. After a 67-76 record a season ago, Hill will be back for his second season in Colorado Springs when the Sky Sox season opens on April 3rd in New Orleans. Prior to coming to Colorado Springs, Hill spent six seasons as a coach for the Colorado Rockies. His only other managerial position was a half season stint in 2006 for High-A Modesto after then-Manager Chad Kreuter took the head coaching job at the University of Southern California. Before joining the Rockies organization in 2003, Hill spent 19 seasons in professional baseball, 13 of which were at the major league level.

The Sky Sox recently caught up with Glenallen Hill to talk about his first full-time managerial job and the upcoming season.

Sox crushed by Aces 14-1Sky Sox: Last season was your first full time managerial job, what was it like being at the helm for the entire season?

Glenallen Hill: It was fun, it was a great experience, I enjoyed it. It was something I see myself doing at the big league level and it was a natural transition for me. I’ve been preparing for it for a lot of years and very grateful and thankful that I got the opportunity to do it with the first organization that I’ve worked with in term of coaching, the Colorado Rockies. It’s just a tremendous blessing.

SS: Are there any kinds of adjustments you see yourself making now with a full season under your belt?

GH: No, not really. I was pretty prepared, and I would like to think that the environment that myself, the other coaches and trainers and other staff members created last year was pretty good. In terms of self-improvement and self-evaluation, I’m always looking to improve myself in that regard. But I was satisfied with what happened last year.

SS: Before managing Colorado Springs, you were a coach with the Rockies for six years, how did that job help you make the transition to managing?

GH: I think being at the major league level for 19 years as a whole has kind of prepared me. I’ve always known that I wanted to be a coach someday, even early on in my playing career. I enjoy teaching awareness about the game and certain aspects that it takes to win. I’ve always been a player that processed information, paid attention to everything, so in terms of the coaching helping me I just think it solidified what I’ve always known about myself.

SS: You’ve been in Spring Training for a couple weeks now, what have you seen from the younger players in camp?

GH: From the guys in camp from the very first day, I think everyone is on a mission. I know for a fact that everyone in camp understands that we are about winning in this organization. Every player that I’ve seen this far looks very prepared and has a lot of energy, and it’s been a good camp so far.

SS: Last year, you had the chance to coach Nolan Arenado for a couple weeks before he got called up, and you’ve gotten to see him in Spring Training. What kinds of strides have you seen him make since last year?

GH: I think Nolan Arenado has always been an accomplished player and he’s gone out and done things the way he wants to do them. I think he’s very comfortable with himself and is a very hardworking and determined young man. I haven’t seen any changes in his work ethic. So there’s not a lot of major changes, but he has a lot more confidence.

SS: What are you most looking forward to for your second season?

GH: The first game starting in first place and the last game ending in first place, that’s what I’m looking forward to and the journey in-between.

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