Happy Day-After-Valentine’s-Day!

Hello Sky Sox Nation,

We hope everyone had a phenomenal Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day! In case you wanted one more piece of love, here’s Brewers prospect Brett Phillips:

And in case you needed any more loving, just head over to the Milwaukee Brewers twitter page (@Brewers). Pun game on point this February.

Potentially lost amid the love poems, roses and chocolate hearts is the fact that Feb. 14 marked the official kick-off of Spring Training 2017. The Milwaukee Brewers pitching and catching corps arrived at the Maryvale Baseball Park in Phoenix, Ariz., unofficially marking the start of the 2017 season.

Here’s what some Brewers prospects and some former Sox are saying about the start of Spring Training:

(Translation: Today, more than ever, I want to thank God for so many blessings. Today #springtraining2017 started, full of new challenges and goals from God’s hand)
Don’t forget, though, the wise words of one Tim Dillard. Happy Wednesday!

*Featured Image courtesy of @Brewers

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