Suspended Game

With last night’s suspended game, the Sky Sox have now had two contests stopped and put on hold because of weather issues this year. In Triple-A baseball, suspended games happen from time to time and here’s the way it works. In general, the suspended game rule provides for the completion of any game which has not become a regulation game (five innings or four and a half innings with the home team leading) and has been stopped because of weather, curfew or other reasons. A game will also become suspended if it has progressed far enough to be a regulation game and is tied at the point play is stopped. The suspended game is essentially stopped where it is and then resumed before the next game between the two teams (schedule permitting).

Last night’s game was suspended in extra innings and thanks to Sky Sox historian Chris Moyer we have the following interesting notes:

Only two times has a Sky Sox game been suspended in extra innings, both happening during the 1996 season, and both at home.

August 14th, 1996 – Phoenix at Sky Sox, tied 4-4 in the top of the  11th, suspended due to rain. Resumed August 15th. Phoenix won in 11 innings, 5-4.

August 29th, 1996 – Calgary at Sky Sox, tied 9-9 in the bottom on the 10th, suspended due to rain. Since this was the last meeting of the season between the two Clubs, the game was ruled a 9-9 tie and all stats counted from the game.

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