.300 Lineup

It’s been a typical June day here in Colorado Springs. We’ve been dodging thunderstorms for most of the day and had to put the tarp on once but right now it’s a sunny and warm day and the Sox just finished up their infield work. Scott Fletcher, the Rockies roving infield coordinator is in town and had all the Sox infielders out today taking groundballs and working on double plays. Also in town right now are Bo McLaughlin, the Rockies roving pitching coordinator, and Vinny Castilla who is serving as a special assistant to General Manager Dan O’Dowd.

As the team stretches and gets ready for batting practice, here’s Stu Cole’s lineup:

Eric Young Jr. – 2B

Mike McCoy – SS

Carlos Gonzalez – CF

Matt Miller – LF

Chris Iannetta – C

Kenny Perez – 3B

Dan Ortmeier – 1B

Chris Frey – RF

Jason Hirsh – SP

Looking at the lineup today is pretty impressive. All eight position players in the lineup today are hitting .300 or better. After being held to just four hits and a season-low one run yesterday, Cole is looking to reverse the trend here in the series as Fresno has taken the first two from the Sox. The Sky Sox are the best hitting team in the league at .310 and are leading the league in runs scored so the the bats should be back on track soon.

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