Perfection & All-Stars

Last night was one of the most amazing baseball experiences that you’ll ever have the good fortune to be witness to. Brandon Hynick’s Perfect Game was truly special to watch and anyone who was there will remember it as just amazing. I’ve seen quite a few special baseball achievements including several cycles (Joe Koshansky’s two in 2009 and Barry Wesson of New Orleans in Nashville in 2002) and the combined no-hitter for the Sky Sox last year (Franklin Morales, Chris George, Matt Daley & Steven Register) but Hynick’s perfecto is by far the best of the best.

Down on the field after the game, Hynick was mobbed by his teammates and inundated by media and fans wanting autographs. Through it all he had the biggest smile on his face that I’ve ever seen. Even though it probably hadn’t sunken in for him yet, he seemed like he was on cloud nine the entire time.

The perfecto was the first ever in the history of Sky Sox baseball and just the ninth in the entire history of the Pacific Coast League’s 100+ years.

For an encore, the Sky Sox welcome into town the Salt Lake Bees for a heated conference battle. Here’s Stu Cole’s lineup for tonight’s game:

Eric Young Jr. – 2B

Mike McCoy – SS

Matt Miller – LF

Matt Murton – RF

Jeff Baker – DH

Dan Ortmeier – 1B

Christian Colonel – 3B

Edwin Bellorin – C

Chris Frey – CF

Jason Hirsh – SP

Three of the top four players in the lineup tonight were name to the PCL’s mid-season All-Star team today. Young Jr., Miller and Murton were all elected as starters to the PCL team with the three elections being the most of any team. A few other teams have three players in the game but not all as starters. McCoy must have been one of the last guys left off the roster but when you’ve only got a limited number of spots to spill someone’s bound to be left off that is more than deserving. McCoy could still be added before the game takes place because there are always injuries and call-ups that could open a spot up for him. For the record, McCoy is ranked among the PCL leaders in average (5th, .340), stolen bases (4th, 26), on-base percentage (2nd, .439) and runs scored (2nd, 64). Those are All-Star numbers.

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