Sox Scribbles: Carlos Gonzalez press conference from August 3rd

Last week Carlos Gonzalez conducted a press conference before his first rehab start with the Sky Sox.

On the difficulties of waiting through an injury:

It’s been hard. It’s difficulty when you’re used to playing every day. Obviously we’re not playing great baseball right now and it’s not the best time for me to be out of the lineup. It hurts to see your team struggling and not being able to be there to help them.

On what it felt like when he sprained his wrist and the difficulties of managing injuries throughout the year:

It just felt like a tweaked ankle or when you sprain something. That’s what it felt like when I swung the bat on the pitch I got hurt on. I may have tried to come back a bit too soon after tweaking it the first time. I was only out for 10 days after the initial injury and that wasn’t enough time obviously. I’m a young player and I want to play everyday to improve and help make the team better. Sometimes we don’t care about our bodies as much as we should because you always have to play through pain. It’s almost impossible to avoid nagging injuries over 162 games. But sometimes it’s a lot worse than you think.

On the trade of Ubaldo Jimenez:

It was really hard to see Ubaldo go. He was our ace. He’s been a part of this organization since day one. It’s difficult to see a guy who’s always been a Rockie wearing another uniform. Then again, I’ve been a part of three organizations and it took me a few years to find a home so hopefully he can have success there and make a home for himself.


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