Wren Running Free For Sky Sox

Sox, rain, top Omaha 4-2

Kyle Wren is in the mist of a 13 game hitting streak. (Paat Kelly)

By Aaron Cheris

After getting off to a slow start in Colorado Springs after his call up from Double-A Biloxi, Kyle Wren has found his groove at the plate.

The 25-year-old Sky Sox outfielder is in the middle of one of the best streaks of his career.

Wren currently has a 13 game hitting streak going. During that span, Wren is hitting .500 (24-for-48) with 16 runs scored and seven RBI. Over those 13 games, Wren has also raised his batting average from .167 to .409.

“When I first got here I was coming off the bench a lot,” Wren said. “Now that I’ve been consistently playing, I’ve gotten my timing back.”

Many of Wren’s hits can be attributed to his strong bunting ability and his speed. Wren has established himself as a mainstay at the top of the Sky Sox lineup, and his ability to get on base from the leadoff spot is just what you look for in a leadoff hitter.

“My dad told me if you want to get to pro ball, you need to make [bunting] a big part of your game,” Wren said. “I’ve done it my whole college career and my whole pro career.”

And when Wren gets it down, it’s trouble for the opposing defense.

“If I get a bunt down, and it’s a good bunt, it’s usually a hit,” he said.

Wren’s father, Frank, was more than a typical father. Between 1998-2014, Wren spent time as the general manager of both the Baltimore Orioles and Atlanta Braves.

Growing up, Kyle’s allegiances were usually for whatever team his father was working for at the time.

When Frank was the general manager in Atlanta, Kyle found a player he wanted to model his game after.

“I was a huge Rafael Furcal fan just because he played the same game I tried to play,” Kyle Wren said.

One of Furcal’s biggest assets was his ability to steal bases. Wren is trying to play with a similar aggressive style on the base paths, but he knows he needs to pick his spots in order to be successful.

“In Biloxi I was a little too aggressive on the base paths. I was trying to do too much down there,” Wren said. “Here, I’m still trying to be aggressive, but be a little more calm on the base paths.”

When asked if anybody on a team could beat him in a rase around the bases, Wren was optimistic.

“I have to say no for confidence sake,” he joked. “But I think it could be between me, Michael Reed, and Eric Young Jr.”

Wren’s strong performance has been a big reason for the Sky Sox recent surge. They currently sit second in the PCL American Northern Division, just three games behind the first place OKC Dodgers as the Sky Sox begin a four game home series on Thursday night.




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