Sky Sox Lineup 6/10 vs Sacramento

1 – #5 Tommy Field – SS

2 – #17 Tim Wheeler – CF

3 – #12 Andrew Brown – RF

4 – #40 Matt McBride – 1B

5 – #2 Hernan Iribarren – 2B

6 – #29 Brendan Harris – 3B

7 – #24 Jimmy Cesario – DH

8 – #6 Brandon Roberts – LF

9 – #4 Dallas Tarleton – C

SP – #34 Rob Scahill – RHP

SOX STARTER NOTES:  Scahill is the team leader in strikeouts with 70, which ranks third in the PCL and one of only three pitchers in the league with at least 70 strikeouts.  Earlier this season, he became 4th Sky Sox to have two double-digit strikeout performances with 10 K’s vs OKC on 5/21, first ever to accomplish feat both times at home.  Only starter from the original 2012 Sky Sox rotation that has yet to be called up to the Rockies at some point this season.

BACK-TO-BACK DOUBLE-DIGITS: The last two losses for the Sky Sox have been the first time this season that they have given up double-digit runs in back-to-back games (Colorado Springs has given up ten or more runs in six games this season).

STRIKEOUT SHOWDOWN:  The Sky Sox and Rivercats are the two top teams in the Pacific Coast League in team strikeouts, with Colorado Springs becoming the first team in the league to reach 500 strikeouts with their nine strikeouts in last night’s loss.  Sacramento also struck out nine batters in last night’s game, and their total strikeouts now sits at 495.

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